Please review these policies before attempting to book your appointment. The form to book the appointment is available at the bottom of this page. 

In order to make your appointment as enjoyable as possible, clients should consider the following:

Appointment Booking

  •   How to Book
    • Any and all appointments require client information sent through the Booking page of this website.
    • 50% Deposits are required at the time of booking in an effort to reduce no-calls/no-shows.
      • This deposit ensures the artist that clients will come to their respective appointments. Labor and materials are lost when clients fail to notify the artist of their inability to attend their reserved time slot.
      • They are required per person and are non-refundable and non-transferable.
        • Appointments are for the designated time and date only. The artist reserves the right to cancel appointments for which the client is ten or more minutes late.
      • Deposits and final payments are accepted below through PayPal or monetarily.
      • Appointments are not final until the deposit is received.

Pay Here

Skin Care

  • Cleansing their skin immediately before their appointment.
    • Makeup adheres best to clean skin that has appropriate hygiene.
    • Food particles, daily sweat and oil production, residual makeup and other contaminants compromise the longevity and presentation.
  • Skin should be exfoliated up to 3 days before a clients appointment.
  • Skin without exfoliation can look “cakey”.
  • Skin and lips should be moisturized 1 hour before appointment.
  • Though price of the service is not reduced or changed, clients are welcome to bring their favorite products if so they choose.

Clients with allergies, skin conditions, and other sensitivities should give warning when booking in order to assure appropriate measures are taken by the artist.

  • Makeup By Amayrani is mommy friendly! Children and infants are free to watch cartoons and play with toys they bring, as long as mommy can have her makeup done without interruption.

Clients with Travel

  • Travel charges vary depending on the distance traveled.
    • Clients who live closer will be charged less, and those farther away will be charged more.
    • Travel prices are per person.


  • Clients are free to book group appointments under a single credit card, but will be charged if a member of their party fails to arrive or pay for their appointment.
    • To avoid charges for missing party members, it is highly recommended for each person to make their own individual appointment.

Failure to revise, remember or understand these policies may make the appointment less enjoyable for prospective clients. Any doubts should and can be sent to the artist in order to receive prompt clarification. By submitting a booking form and paying the deposit, you are explicitly agreeing to the aforementioned policies.

You can make your appointment here:

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